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With constant distractions of phones, social media, and video games, home can be a tough place to motivate your child to be active and moving. Bonita Porte, owner of Energetic Juniors in NYC, recently shared with me some workouts for kids at home that will keep them occupied and engaged on those days when they’re

Time management

Time management is difficult to accomplish in our every day lives. You live. You work. And you love your family. But where do you find the time? How can you keep sane when obligations threaten to overwhelm you? Here are 9 tips to keep things sane while juggling your family and career.  1. Optimize your schedule It

Summertime teenagers

Summertime is for relaxing. But, for many teenagers, relaxing seems to mean sitting on the couch and staring into screens. Games, social media, catching up with celebrity news – all of that can easily fill up a teenager’s vacation day, and all of it can be done without moving any muscles except for fingers and eyes.

Active Summer

Did the last day of school spring up on you out of nowhere!? Now the kids are home all day, and all they want to do is park themselves on the couch, watch TV, and play video games. Yet they still need to get the recommended daily exercise and experience those physical benefits. How can you get them

Summertime Boredom

School’s out for summer! And the kids are happy. No stress, no homework, no getting up early… But then the dreaded question:  ‘What are we doing today, Mom?’ Summertime is easy. Summertime is slow and relaxed. But summertime can also become boring pretty quickly. Unless Mom has a Plan B. Here are 5 activities to keep your

time management

Time management isn’t easy. From the moment you are born into this world, time starts it’s steady, unceasing countdown to zero. This is true, not just of the time in your life, but of the time that you have available to you in a year, a month, a week, or a day. Compounding the problem, time seems to shorten

It is sometimes hard to imagine a world without social media. It has become so integrated into our current culture that it seems like a necessity to function. Yet, it wasn’t too long ago that you wouldn’t know what happened to past friends or distant relatives unless it was mentioned in conversation, over the phone, or

Today is Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day! In order to maintain your child’s mental health, it is vital to help them stay aware of their needs. Being able to practice feelings recognition and learning strategies to decrease stress can be important for a healthy lifestyle. Teaching children to create a healthy balance between normal responsibilities

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Thanks for Sharing

Wednesday, 03 September 2014 by

Sharing is a fundamental social skill that we all learn throughout our childhood. Sharing enables positive friendships, common interests with others, and opening ourselves to try new and exciting things. By being open to the idea of sharing, we allow ourselves to take in new information and pass it along to others. That is why

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Kids and the End of Summer Blues

Wednesday, 27 August 2014 by

During the past few days, I have been hearing the same sentence over and over again, “where did the summer go?” This is usually said in a sad, reflective tone as a parent and their child thinks about the wonderful summer days they have just had. While days may be shorter, and the weather might

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