Private Practice Workshop

New York City Private Practice Building Workshop! • Are you a newly licensed Mental Health practitioner looking to work independently? • Are you searching for more meaning and fulfillment in your professional field? • Are you feeling stuck, undervalued, and unfulfilled with your current work environment? • Have you ever dreamed of starting your own


Bullying is, unfortunately, not uncommon. The worst part is that it never truly goes away. Your siblings may bully you, classmates may bully you; even when you grow up, coworkers may bully you. Anyone who claims to have never been bullied in their life has probably witnessed it happening or have been the bully themselves.

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Bridging the communication gap with your children

You’re sitting at the dinner table together with your child, when you decide to ask him about his day today at school. A simple request that doesn’t require too difficult an answer, you would imagine. However, he only answers with short, vague, and often contradictory responses. To an outside observer, it would appear as if

It is sometimes hard to imagine a world without social media. It has become so integrated into our current culture that it seems like a necessity to function. Yet, it wasn’t too long ago that you wouldn’t know what happened to past friends or distant relatives unless it was mentioned in conversation, over the phone, or

Halloween Fitness Games for Kids

Friday, 30 October 2015 by

With Halloween fast approaching, parents and children are spending time thinking about the typical associations to the holiday. These may include dressing up in costume, trick-or-treating, and gathering as much candy as they possibly can. One topic that does not often get associated with this holiday is fitness. Bonita Porte, Owner of Energetic Juniors, recently

Developing social skills

Parents want their children to grow into well-adjusted adults. In a way, developing social skills is more important than honing physical abilities or intelligence. No matter which path in life your child takes, they are guaranteed to come across situations in which they will have to deal with others. But what if your child is

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Homework Help: Make Homework Time More Efficient

Your child spends about seven hours a day in school. When he finally gets to go home he finds a pile of homework waiting for him, usually enough to keep him occupied for a few more hours. If he has after-school activities, he may not even have the chance to go home to work on

stress management for students

At every level, students are pushed to succeed. In elementary school, you may be afraid to bring a bad report card to your parents. Later on, when you are enrolled in junior high or high school, you may have to start thinking seriously about where you want to go for further education after you graduate.

Cooking Up Social Skills Fall 2015

Thursday, 20 August 2015 by
Social Skills

I am  happy to announce that Cooking Up Social Skills will begin its Fall Session on Monday, October 19th.   Cooking Up Social Skills is a fun 8-week group that meets on Monday afternoons in Gramercy Park/ Flatiron District for elementary school students. Each week we pair a classic therapeutic social skill activity with a creative

Parenting After Divorce

Monday, 10 August 2015 by

For many, working together with your ex-spouse can be a challenge. Avoidance, anger, sadness, and anxiety are common feelings that may arise even at the thought of continuing communication. While it can be difficult to work together, it is important to do so for the child. I recently met with Jennifer Safian, a Divorce and

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